Friday, February 22, 2013


Halo Halo!!!! wakaka~~~ wuiseh.... n years no update dy.... actually got many things wan to update de... but bcoz of one word "LAZY" thats why this little secret choo's place is so quiet. lolx! wonder still got ppl visit this place ma.. haha... anyways.. how is everyone here? hehe... im fine as u can see im still alive. lolx!!! =p anyone interested what am i doing recently? lolx... i guess.... no one would get interested on me hor... but i still wan to share la... =p me ha... ehhh.... recently busy find part time job doing part time job wanted to save more money to pay my debts~~~ lolx!!! apart from that ah... i guess nothing liao ehh? now everything in my mind is $$$ $$$ $$$ i know money is not everything but without money im nothing i want to earn fast money ( who dont want to have easy money?? lolx!!!) if i have a bigger income, i guess i can do alot of things. my wants is more than my budget alot alot.. lolx! i want a better skin care...better mobile phone...better lifestyle.. but i understand those are just wants but not needs. needs ahh... i need moeney to pay my sch fees.... pay for my text books... pay for my fixed expenses... macam macam la.. lol!! i wonder why my frens around me where their money come from. why they everyday complaint no money no money but they still can afford to change their mobile phone like.....duno how to describe. haha.. this yr is my second yr no celebrate those macam macam day. (eg valentine's day, christmas and macam macam la.... ) but i guess i must get used to it bcoz i know it is just a festival but not a must to celebrate it. see... with money u can buy ur love's one present... bring ur love's one for dinner or a better place for a meal. all is about the money money money.. lolx...

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